Don't just take it from me!


LOVE this stuff! The sanitizer smells excellent and doesn't dry out my hands. I keep one in each of our cars. I've also been using the wipes since I can't find Lysol anywhere. Plus, I love the glass containers (less plastic waste) AND being able to support small, local business!

Amanda Ford

I have used Lydia’s hand sanitizer (which she was kind enough to send me after seeing the state of my hands during this pandemic... ER Nurse Life...) and it has SAVED my skin - LITERALLY. I would sign over my life savings and whatever internal organs she requested - that’s what her product is worth. Not to mention - she’s just a good human. You will not be disappointed either with her product, or with her as a business owner. I’m so thankful to her for sharing her talents and passions.

Melissa Kelleher

I love the hand sanitizer! It feels so much better on my skin and the scent is so clean and fresh!

Kathy Kennedy


Just received my Pronounce Hand Sanitizer today...and I am already in love with it! My hands feel soft after using it, and it doesn't give you that built up sticky feeling you get with the foam/gel hand sanitizers. Thank you Lydia!!

Cindy Aubrey-Folding

This hand sanitizer is amazing!! Love that it doesn’t dry my hands out and smells great.

Kellie Mauterer Hall

The hand sanitizer is amazing! It works without leaving your hands feeling like sandpaper. Plus it smells so good too. I highly recommend it. I keep it in my car, my home, and once we're allowed to go places again, I'll keep it in my bag too.

Jill Mammarelli


Fantastic hand sanitizer. Cleans your hands without drying them out. No horrible ingredients and it smells good too. Happy to support a local business woman with a great idea.

Valerie Desmond

This hand sanitizer is amazing!! Smells great, kills germs and moisturizes too!!

Heather Colbert

Love the feeling of the hand sanitizer. Not drying at all. Great product.

Dona Shea